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Park Ridge Builders is a local, family owned and operated business with over 35 years experience in the home building industry.

Building Process

The building process can be a little scary if you've never built a brand new home before, or in some cases if you have. Here at Parkridge Builders, we like to make the home building process as very simple as possible. Our Building Process follows these steps below, ensuring that you'll know what to expect along the way.

1Design Selection
You will meet with our designer to verify the selections you made at the time of contract and choose your colors. While you're making your selections we will be obtaining permits.

2A Proper Foundation
The first stage of construction is prepping the homesite and getting it ready to build. Once the site is ready and permits are back, it is time to get the foundation or slab in. While we strive to get this done as quickly as possible, it is highly dependent on weather.

Framing takes 10 to 20 days depending on the size and complexity of the home. It is important to stay off the construction site and out of the house at this phase for safety considerations.

Once framing is complete, we do a framing checklist and make sure the home is ready for plumbing, HVAC and electrical rough-ins. Essentially all the stuff behind the walls. When the rough-ins are complete, the home is inspected once more. Then insulation and drywall are installed.

After hanging and sanding of the drywall is finished, your cabinets will be set. The trim carpenter will set all doors and trim the house to specifications.

It's really starting to look like a home now, so let's get some paint on the walls. Around this time we like to get the driveway poured as well.

7Plumbing & HVAC
The plumber, HVAC and electrical contractors return to finish up their installations. Plumbing will be installed, HVAC equipment and appliances are installed, lights are hung, and switches and outlets installed.

Some flooring may be installed before now, and some may be installed after, depending on your selections.

9Quality Inspection List
Your home is close to complete! Now we go through and make our quality control list to get it move-in ready.

Once we get the home complete, we conduct our Home Owner Orientation. We will walk you through the home and review all systems with you, and go through any items that you would like addressed.

Your home is now ready to be closed and is ready for you to move-in.

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